164553 - Pocket Door Kit, 36 inch opening, Steel Reinforced Wood Framing, 1 kit per carton

164553 is a complete universal pocket door kit designed to hang the door of your choice from 24 inches to 36 inches wide. It can be used for left or right hand opening pocket doors. Prime-Line's track and roller design prevents "jumping" out of the track. The kit includes the track and header, two 4-wheeled roller assemblies, door guides, steel reinforced wooden split studs, and all the fasteners you need. See N 6774, N 6773, N 6774, N 7161, or N 7319 for privacy lock choices.
  • Kit fits a 24 inch to 36 inch opening
  • 72 inch extruded pocket door track mounted to the header board
  • Two 4-wheeled pocket door roller assemblies and mounting brackets
  • Steel reinforced wooden split studs
  • See N 6774, N 6773, N 6774, N 7161, or N 7319 for privacy and pull choices
  • Be sure to order your door without the predrilled door knob hole.
  • Instructions Included
  • Everything you need to rehang your old doors or new doors on your closet opening
  • See N 6998 for convergement kit to join 2 tracks together
  • For 1-3/4 inch thick doors order 162466 Adapter Kit
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