642-1005 - Piano Hinge Screw Pack, 1 in. Door and Pilaster, T-27 Head, Stainless Steel (24 Pack)


These T-27 Torx security barrel nuts and screws are constructed of steel and come in a chrome finish. They feature tamper-resistant 6-lobe security drives with center pins that assist in preventing loosening and removal of mounted partition hardware. These fasteners are manufactured with #10-24 threads. T-27 barrel fasteners like these are commonly used with T-27 shoulder screws in commercial restroom applications. Installation and removal of these types of security fasteners requires the use of a Torx driver tool, or insert bits for power-driven tools. Barrel nuts like these are also known as “sex bolts” and “Chicago bolts” in the fastener industry, and they are designed for use where through bolting is desired with a head on both sides, as commonly used for the installation of restroom stall hardware.

  • These T-27 Torx barrel nuts are used together with T-27 screws where tamper-proof installation hardware is preferred
  • These tamper-proof barrel nuts have a 5/8 inch reach and #10-24 internal threads
  • These tamper-proof machine screws have a 3/4 inch reach and #10-24 external threads
  • Steel construction with a chrome finish
  • Features ribbed flanges at underside of fastener heads; gills, for increased holding power when installed