9089354 - Flange Bolts, Class 8.8 Metric, M6-1.0 X 10MM, Zinc Plated Steel (25 Pack)

Flange bolts feature a built in washer under the bolt head that helps to distribute the clamping load over a larger area. This "one-piece" design eliminates the need of a separate washer under the bolt head and is preferable for some applications as it can be more efficient and easier to use. A washer is still needed on the nut side unless using a flange nut.
  • Size: M6-1.0 X 10MM
  • Hex bolt with a circular flange under the head
  • Flange eliminates need for separate washer
  • Designed for use with a nut or a threaded hole of the same diameter and thread size
  • Nuts not included
  • Thread Type: Coarse, Thread Class: 6H, Point Style: Blunt
  • Specification(s) Met: DIN 6921 and ISO 898-1

Specifications coming soon