9102350 - Hex Head Cap Screws, Grade 5, 5/8 in.-11 X 2 in., Grade 5 Zinc Plated (10 Pack)

Hex head cap screws are similar to hex bolts, but feature a washer surface under the head and have a chamfered end (as opposed to the flat end seen on hex bolts). They are often called finished hex bolts. The 6 sided head makes them easy to install using a standard wrench or socket set.
  • Size: 5/8 inch-11 X 2 inch
  • Hex bolt with a chamfered end and washer face under the head
  • Designed for use with a nut or a threaded hole of the same diameter and thread size
  • Often called finished hex bolt
  • Nuts not included
  • Thread Type: Coarse, Thread Class: UNC-2A, Point Style: Blunt
  • Specification(s) Met: ASME B 18.2.2, ASME B1.1, and SAE J429

Specifications coming soon