B 562 - Sliding screen door guide and anti-rattle device, high density polyethylene, Snaps in, 4 per pkg.


The B 562 is a T shaped high density polyethylene guide and anti-rattle device used by many screen door manufacturers. The T shaped top of the part provides the guide and anti-rattle as the door slides back and forth in an upper track channel. The base is narrower and fits snuggly into the top of a thin sliding screen door frame. No screws reqiured. Easy to install

  • Guide and Anti-Rattle Device
  • T shaped top is 3/8 inch by 13/16 inch
  • The base is only 5/16 inch wide at the bottom which allows it to fit snuggly into the top door frame.
  • High density polyethylene construction
  • Easy to install
  • Used by many patio door manufacturers
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