B 627 - Screen door top hung roller bracket with 3/4 inch oval high density polyethlene roller, 2 per pkg.

This sliding screen door top hung roller bracket assembly is used on Croft Old Style doors as well as several other patio door manufacturer's doors. The bracket is stamped aluminum with a 3/4 inch oval edged high density polyethlene roller. The bracket has an offset of 1/16 inch and mounting slots that allow it to be adjusted to the correct height when re-installing onto the upper track that is mounted above the door opening. .
  • 3/4 inch high density polyethlene oval edged roller
  • 3/16 inch wide roller
  • Oval Edged Roller
  • Roller bracket is 5/8 inch wide by 1-9/16 inches tall with a 1/16 inch offset
  • Includes Screws
  • Used by Croft and several other manufacturers
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