B 659 - Screen door 3 inch Flat Tension Spring, high density polyethlene roller, for Peachtree, 2 per pkg.

This Peachtree Old Style spring tension roller assembly has a 15/16 inch dia. high density polyethlene roller. The roller housing is made of extruded aluminum and is 9/16 inches wide. The tension spring is 9/16 inches wide by 3 inches long with 2 small holes in the curved tip.
  • 15/16 inch high density polyethlene Ball Bearing Roller
  • 9/16 inch wide roller housing
  • Extruded roller housing
  • Concave (Grooved) roller
  • Nylon roller is will not rust
  • Heat treated tension spring
  • 3" tension spring with a curved tip & 2 holes
  • Peachtree Brand "Old Style" roller assembly
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