B 693 - Sliding screen door stamped steel corner with high density polyethlene roller, 1 per pkg.

This sliding screen door corner assembly is used on Acorn Industries doors and several other manufacturers. It is an all-in-one corner and roller combination. It is made of stamped steel with an adjustment screw and center grooved high density polyethlene roller attached at the end of the bottom leg. The roller is 15/16 inches in diameter. The corner fits into the sliding screen door frame holding the bottom or top rails and the side stiles together.
  • 15/16 inch high density polyethlene roller
  • 9/32 inch wide roller
  • Concave (Grooved) roller
  • Adjusting Screw
  • Stamped Steel
  • Corner legs are 1 inch wide by 11/32 inches thick
  • Corner holds the top or bottom rails to the side stiles together
  • Used by Acorn Industries and several other manufacturers
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