D 1513 - Single 1-1/4 inch Nylon Ball Bearing Roller, "B" Tab Style, Adjustable, 1 Pack

This sliding glass door roller assembly is constructed from steel and features a height-adjustable housing. The concaved (grooved) edge wheels installed in these roller assemblies are constructed of plastic and include steel ball bearings for smooth and long-lasting operation. The wheels are designed to glide on a single raised aluminum or steel track. This item includes only one roller assembly per package, but a total of 2 roller assemblies are required for each sliding door. These roller assemblies are used to repair patio sliding doors with missing, damaged or malfunctioning roller assemblies. Installation easy to install with a few simple tools. This style roller is used on Revco-West and similar styled patio doors. Refer to dimensional line drawing to match Product specifications.
  • Used on Rebco-West sliding patio doors
  • The B tab secures the assembly as the mounting screw is driven up through the B-tab hole and into the door's bottom rail mounting hole
  • 1-1/4 in. diameter ball bearing roller
  • Stamped steel housing and nylon roller
  • B-tab housing
  • Rear adjusting screw
  • A Phillips head screwdriver is required for installation
  • For further dimensional information, please see the line drawing
Roller Material:
Housing Width:
Roller Width:
Roller Edge Type:
Housing Length:
Housing Height:
Overall Housing Width:
# of Wheels in Roller Assembly:
Mounting Tab Type:
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