Prime-Line F.A.Q.

If you have a question for Prime-Line's Customer Service Department that is not addressed on this page, please contact us and feel free to directly ask us any question you may have.

Question) I have located the parts I need in your catalog, but my local store does not carry it. How can I obtain the parts?

Most retail hardware stores have a special order program. This allows them to order directly from us items they do not normally stock. Print out a picture of the item and the item number from our online catalog, and go to your retailer of choice. The help desk or department manager should be able to identify Prime-Line or Slide-Co. as one of their suppliers and call our customer service department to get pricing and delivery costs. They can complete the transaction right then and order the item for you. We will ship the item almost immediately so it will arrive at the retailer no more than 6 to 8 working days, within the continental U.S.

Question) I purchased a D-1523 Patio Door Roller Assembly. I did not see anything in the instructions referring to lubricating the rollers prior to installation or for in the future. Are the bearings sealed or do they require lubricating?

All of our bearings are pre-lubricated with a high viscosity wheel bearing grease and do not need any lubrication. The application of a spray or low viscosity motor oil only serves to attract dirt and shorten the life of the bearing. After several years, the bearing may become stiff and create drag in the door. This is a good indication that the roller unit needs replacing. Lubricating a stiff bearing may allow you to extend the roller's life a little, but ultimately you may risk damage to the track as the bearing can disintegrate from dust invasion and freeze up. Bearing life is directly related to the amount of dust or dirt present and the amount of moisture the unit is exposed to, which can cause the rollers to rust.

Question) I have a leaking shower door. The water seems to be leaking out at the bottom of the door. How do I stop the water from getting on the floor?

Use a Prime-Line swinging shower door sweep (bottom seal), numbers M 6022, M 6023, M 6040, or M 6092.

There are 2 methods of installation.

Method 1. Locate the metal plate that runs the length of the shower door at its very bottom. It is usually held on by screws to the door frame. The bottom seal should be sandwiched between the plate and the door frame. If your door is this design, simply loosen the screws holding the plate and remove any old or worn out seal material that may be left. Next, insert the new bottom seal material (M-6022) into the opening. Be sure the material contacts the tile surface and can act like a mop across the tile base. Tighten the door plate screws once the seal is positioned.

Method 2. Locate the slot in the bottom rail that runs the length of the door. You can see it on the edge of the door when it is opened. That slot accepts a specific pattern of material like the one's shown in our item M-6023, M-6040 or M-6092 ( Refer to our online catalog to see which one is right for you). You must use the exact material that the door is designed to accept. The material simply slides into the slot. Trim the seal to fit the door opening once it is installed.


Question) I have a sliding Patio door and I am looking for a more secure lock than the flush mount set currently installed (Model C-1076). Would a mortise lock work better for me? What do you suggest I do?

The Mortise lock system you are suggesting will not install directly into your door. It would require extensive frame modifications to fit and would not cover your existing holes very well. The cutout for the C-1076 on the frame is 7/8" wide and 7" long. No other handle in our line can mount into that space and cover it up. Any surface type of handle will have it's mounting screws "swimming" in that large of an opening.

If you were to mount cover-up plates onto the rail (Item C 1062 - page 24 in the Patio Door handle section) you could in effect start over. The next issue would be to determine if your jamb or frame could accept a keeper like the one shown on page 3 of that section, item C 1105. This surface mount handle must lock into a keeper that is mounted adjacent to the door. Everything must lign up correctly or it will not work.

For instance, if the distance from the back end of the keeper to the center of the mounting holes ( C 1105 = 1-1/4" ) is greater than the distance from the jamb to the center of your existing handle, then the new handle's screws could hit the glass when drilled.

These types of modifications can be tricky but are done frequently by glass and glazing professionals.

Any of our items can be special ordered at your local full service glass shop, one that buys from the C.R.Laurence Company.

Question) I have a 6 ft. sliding patio door that is extremely heavy. The door is brand new but it is really difficult to slide. Are there any special rollers or products that can carry the door's weight, and still glide easily?

With a new door, most likely the difficulty you are having comes from the friction of the door edge surface and the Mohair weather sealant often used on sliding patio doors. The Mohair is stiff when new and with a large, heavy door, the problem is magnified. Try spraying the surface of the door where it contacts the Mohair with a dry film lubricant, such as RZ-50. NO OIL OR SILICONE SHOULD BE USED. Not only does RZ-50 work as a great lubricant, it will not stain your door or carpet and will protect your door from dirt and moisture as well.

If RZ-50 does not help there may be something wrong with how the door was installed. Have your contractor or installer check the square of the door, the track condition and the rollers.

Ultimately there is nothing magical about the roller units. Stainless steel rollers can offer some performance improvement but for the most part, if you have a 300-pound door, that is what you have to move, 300 pounds.

Question) I would like to change the outside handle of my glass patio door to be a keyed handle. I have no idea what kind or model my original handle is. How do I find that out?


If you don't see your handle in our catalog, the best way to proceed is for you to find out the distance between the mounting screw-hole centers of your existing handle. Once you have that information, you can match that up to the various keyed pull-handle options in our catalog. Our item C 1139, an outside locking pull unit that comes in either black or gray, is the most versatile of the keyed pull handles we offer.

In addition to knowing the hole spacing, you'll need to see if the existing handle has an engagement slot for the key cylinder tail. Remove the handle and look at the backside to see if there is a small rectangular slot that turns when the latch is activated. If so, then the C 1139 will most likely work, If not, you will have to replace that existing handle with one that has the slot. If you cannot identify your handle type in our catalog, then it would be best to call a professional glass repair shop to do the replacement.