GD 12235 - Torsion Springs (green/2"/left)

This torsion spring is constructed of steel and it includes a stationary cone and a winding cone attached to opposite ends of the spring. These types of torsion springs provide lifting force for heavy garage doors and must be selected by the spring’s dimensions, rather than the door’s weight. See the Product specifications found in Prime-Line’s Torsion Spring Selection Guide to assure that the proper replacement spring has been selected. With dual spring installations, note that the proper use of LEFT WIND and RIGHT WIND springs is imperative. Also, when dual spring installations are involved, it is important to replace both springs, as replacing only 1 spring may add increased strain to the older non-replaced spring. This torsion spring is a regular duty spring with an estimated lifetime rating of 10,000 cycles. Determine the handing of your torsion spring wind, look at the end of the spring with the ‘finger’ of the spring at the top of the wind. When the end of the spring is at 12:00 o'clock and it is pointing to the left, the spring is a right wind; if the end of the spring points to right it is a left wind. When standing inside the garage looking out, the torsion spring with the black painted winding cone installs on the right side of the door, and the green painted winding cone installs on the left side of the door. As an important safety precaution: all broken or malfunctioning hardware should be replaced with matching hardware, without any modifications. These garage door torsion springs can cause serious injury if not handled and installed properly. If attempting to replace the torsion springs yourself, it is important that the removal or adjustment of torsion springs is not attempted with any other tool other than Prime-Line’s item number GD-52238. Failure to utilize Prime-Line’s item number GD-52238 for the replacement of these springs may result in severe personal injury. Make sure to replace the left side as well, Prime-Line part GD 12234.
  • Used by a variety of garage door manufacturers
  • 0.250 in. wire size x 2 in. inside dimension x 32 in. length with White color code
  • When dual spring installations are involved, it is important to correctly install both the LEFT & RIGHT WIND SPRINGS during the same job
  • Spring includes stationary & winding cones. Replacement requires use/purchase of Prime-Line part GD-52238 and a clear understanding of wire size and handing
  • Left hand wind springs are mounted to the right of center (as viewed from the inside the garage looking out)
  • Left hand wind, 2 in. inside diameter
  • Matching left hand wind Torsion spring is Prime-Line part GD 12234
  • For further dimensional information, please see the line drawing
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