H 3579 - 8 Pound, Wood Sash Balance, Steel (Single Pack)

This is wood window sash balance for a 8 lb. window, or 16 lbs. if one is used on both sides. This sash balance style has been used by a variety of manufacturers of windows for a variety of decades. It fits a 3-1/4 inch by 6-3/8 inch pocket that has been mortised about 2 inch above the centerline of the window frame. It features an all steel construction, with a coil spring inside that retracts aircraft cable lifters as it offsets the weight of the window (vent). If your windows (sashes), are having problems staying up when opened, it may be that your sash balances or hardware needs to be replaced. The sash balances hold the weight of the window pane, over time, the springs can wear out or fail. Replace your sash balance for a smoother operation of your window and allow fresh air to enter your home with a window that stays open.
  • Used by Superior, Preset, Fabco and a variety of wood window sash balance manufacturers
  • Used on wood, single or double hung windows
  • Coil spring retraction
  • Steel construction with steel cables
  • Aircraft cable lifters
  • Maximum weight rating of 8 lbs. each
  • Requires a 3-1/4 inch x 6-3/8 inch opening to install
  • Please refer to the line art drawing and compare with your original item before purchasing

Specifications coming soon