H 3635 - Project-In Lock with Security Lock, 7/16 inch hook, White Bronze, 1 per pkg.

Often referred to as an Air Condioner Lock, the H 3635 is a project-in (or push in) lock with a security lock design used on steel windows. The design prevents accidental opening of a window. There is no handle and needs to be turned to lock or unlock by using the H 3638 security lock wrench. It is right handed with a 7/16 inch hook projection. The mounting holes are 1-3/8 inches apart and it is a heavy white bronze casting. For a longer hook projection see H 3637.
  • Heavy Diecast Construction
  • White Bronze
  • 1-3/8 inch Mounting Holes
  • Right Handed (Viewed from inside looking out)
  • Fasteners Included
  • Used on Steel Windows
  • Often Called an Air Conditioner Lock
  • 7/16 inch Hook Projection
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