H 3649 - Casement Window Locking Handle for Fenestra, LH, Heavy Bronze Casting, 1 per pkg.

The H 3649 is a Left handed casement or projecting window locking handle. The heavy bronze casting has a 13/32 inch hole in the base that the screw & clevis fit into (see H 3658). the latch part stands 3/32 inch from the surface it comes in contact with. This is used on Old Style Fenestra Windows. For other similar styles for Fenestra see the related items. For Right Hand see H 3650.
  • Heavy Bronze Casting
  • Bronze Finish
  • Left Handed (Viewed from inside looking out)
  • 13/32 inch center hole
  • Screw & Clevis Optional (see H 3658)
  • Used by Fenestra Window Manufacturers
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