How To - Install Door Reinforcer

How to install Defender Security U 9589  Brass Lock and Door Reinforcement Plate for 1-3/8 In. Thick Doors.

#1 Dry fit the reinforcer on the door to make sure there is clearance between the door jamb and the door when reinforcer is installed.

#2 Make sure door is in the open position before starting and working to install reinforcer. The latch is already in door with no screws installed and no knob or deadbolt installed in door yet.

#3 Place reinforcer over door edge aligning bore hole opening and latch area.

#4 Install latch screws.

#5 Install knob or deadbolt into the latch assembly.

#6 Install rear mounting screws on both sides of reinforcer.

#7 Check knob/deadbolt operation works smoothly.

#8 Job completed.