J 4844 - Door Stop, Wall Mount, 1 in., Satin Nickel (Single Pack)

This wall stop is constructed of cast brass with a protruding rubber bumper. The bumper inserts into the outer housing, which threads onto the wall-fastened base plate. Total diameter including cast brass housing is 1 inch and total reach is 9/16 inch It cannot repair holes caused by doorknobs, but can prevent them when installed correctly. This small sturdy doorstop will protect your walls while not interfering with your home's decor. It also can be used on a bathtub in bathroom layouts where the door swings open into the tub (same applies to towel bars, toilets or vanities that may be in the path of the door). It is also effective at protecting walls and/or furniture from refrigerator handles or cabinet knobs. Please pay close attention to the description and images before ordering as these are about the size of a quarter.
  • Used to protect walls from doorknob damage
  • 1 inch diameter with a 9/16 inch projection
  • Wall mount design with threaded collar and base for added protection
  • Solid brass with satin nickel finish
  • Convex bumper included
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