K 5072 - Screen Door Closer Jamb Bracket, With Repair Plate, Stamped Steel, Pack of 1

This jamb bracket and plate are constructed of cadmium plated steel and they’re used for repairing screen door closer installations over damaged wood jambs. The plate has a total of 12 holes, and they are the inner-most 4 holes to which the bracket should be fastened to. Note: The bracket must first be affixed to the back plate with the nuts and bolts provided, prior to mounting the plate to the jamb. Upon presenting the plate to the location of installation, verify if the jamb will need to be slightly mortised to allow for the nuts on the backside of the plate. Use a chisel or drill bit to mortise a pocket, or pockets that will receive the projecting nuts and bolts and allow the plate to rest flush against the jamb.
  • Used to repair screen door closers where door jamb has been damaged
  • 2-1/2 in. x 4-1/16 in. plate
  • Mill finish
  • Steel construction
  • For further dimensional information, please see the line drawing
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