MP10554 - Hinge Pin Door Stop, Adjustable, Stamped Steel, Brite Nickel Plated (5 Pack)

These hinge pin door stops are constructed of stamped steel and come in a bright nickel plated finish. They feature a 5-point adjustable setting which allows for controlled stopping at various angles of door swing, and dual rubber tips for cushioning stops. These types of door stops require no fasteners to install, as they are mounted onto the door’s hinge, or hinges. These door stops will work with hinge barrel pins that have a maximum outside diameter of 1/4 inch, and they can be installed on one, two, or three hinges of a door. Door stops like these are simple to install and they are used by many.
  • Used to prevent door handles from damaging adjacent walls, and for stopping the door at an alternate distance
  • 9/16 inch outside diameter rubber bumpers, and a 1/4 inch inside diameter for hinge pin insertion
  • Brite nickel plated finish
  • Stamped steel construction
  • Mounts on door hinge

Specifications coming soon