MP4566 - Door Stop Silencer, 1/2 in. Outside Diameter, Solid Rubber Construction (100 Pack)

These door stop silencers are constructed of solid rubber and come gray in color. They are designed to silence the impact of a closing door against a hollow metal door jamb, while at the same time improving the firm latching of the door latch hardware. These rubber bumpers feature a cone-shaped end for ease of installation into the door jamb, and they are used by many.
  • Used to deter noise when closing doors, and to improve the latching of doors
  • 1/2 inch outside diameter, 1/2 inch overall depth
  • Gray in color
  • Solid rubber construction
  • Easy to install with a few simple tools
  • Please refer to the line art drawing and compare with your original item before purchasing

Specifications coming soon