MP4570-1 - Door Wall Stop, 1 in, Rubber Bumper, Polished Brass (Single Pack)

These quarter-size wall stops are constructed of cast brass and come in a polished brass finish. They feature a gray convex rubber bumper that projects a full 9/16 inch to help prevent damage to adjacent walls and locking hardware. These wall stops also feature a concealed fastening design which hides the fastener after installation is complete. The bumper inserts into the outer housing which Thread onto the wall-fastened base plate with a 9/16 inch reach. This item will not repair holes caused by door knobs, but can prevent them when installed correctly. Wall stops like these are easy to install and are used by many in both residential and commercial applications.
  • Used to prevent door knob handle from damaging walls
  • 1 inch outside diameter with a 9/16 inch rubber bumper projection
  • Polished brass cover ring with a gray rubber bumper insert
  • Constructed of cast brass and rubber components
  • Easy to install with a few simple tools

Specifications coming soon