N 6513 - Wardrobe Door Back Roller Assembly, 1 inch, Convex Nylon Roller, Pack of 2

This is a single wheel; top hung, side mounted adjustable roller bracket with a 1 in. convex nylon roller that fits onto the back wardrobe door panel. The stamped steel adjustable bracket has a 3/4 in. offset and fits onto a 3/4 in. to 1-3/8 in. thick door. Primarily used on Cox door systems, it may also be found on a variety of other wardrobe door manufacturer's doors. For deeper offsets see Prime-Line parts N 6514 and N 6515.
  • Used primarily by Cox doors and a variety of other wardrobe door manufacturers
  • 3/4 in. offset on the bracket
  • 1 in. diameter convex roller
  • Stamped steel bracket and nylon roller
  • Used on the back wardrobe door
  • Fits on doors 3/4 in. thick to 1-3/8 in. thick
  • A Phillips head screwdriver is required for installation
  • For further dimensional information, please see the line drawing
Roller Width:
Roller Edge Type:
Mount On:
Front or Back Panel:
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