N 6582 - Bi-Fold Closet Top Roller Guide, 7/8 inch, Cox, 2 per package

N 6582 is a spring loaded, 7/8 inch diameter nylon roller guide in a 7/16 inch plastic base. It mounts on the top edge of a wood bi-fold door that is 1 inch to 1-3/8 inches thick. Used by several bi-fold door manufacturers.
  • Spring Loaded Plastic base
  • 11/16 inch horizontal nylon roller mounted on a spring loaded shaft in the plastic base
  • Base Diameter - 7/16 inches
  • Used on bi-fold doors up to 30 lbs. each.
  • Used by several bi-fold door manufacturers
  • No fasteners required
  • Easy to Install
Base Diameter:
Spring Loaded:
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