N 6624 - Mirror Door Roller, 1-1/8 inch Ball Bearing Steel Grooved Roller, 1 pack

N 6624 is a bottom mount roller assembly for mirrored wardrobe doors. Used on Crest Doorand other mirror doors, the roller assembly installs up into the bottom of the metal framed mirror door. The tab on the back end of the housing allows a screw to hold it in place while the adjusting screw can be accessed through a hole below the installation screw. The 1-1/8 inch concave steel ball bearing roller allows the metal framed mirrored door to roll smoothly and effortlessly.
  • 1-1/8 inch Roller diameter
  • Concave roller
  • Steel Ball Bearing Roller
  • Stamped Steel Housing with adjusting screw and installation tab on the back end
  • Housing width = 9/16 inch
  • Housing height = 1-1/16 inch
  • Used by Crest Doors and several other wardrobe door manufacturers.
  • Easy to Install
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Housing Width:
Roller Width:
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