N 6790 - Acme Mirrored Door Roller Assembly, 1-7/16 inch Flat Nylon Roller, 1 per package.

N 6790 is a stamped steel housing with a 1-7/16 inch nylon roller attached used on Acme mirrored doors.. The tabs on the side insert into a slot in the door frame and is locked in by the offset tabs installing into the same slot. To remove, just insert a thin screwdrive or knife to align the lower tabs with the slot and pull the unit out of the slot.
  • Stamped Steel Housing
  • 1-7/16 inch diameter flat nylon roller
  • Adjustable
  • Used on Acme mirrored doors
  • For the top guide see N 6791
  • Easy to install
Housing Width:
Roller Width:
Roller Edge Type:
Mount On:
Housing Height:
Overall Housing Width:
Housing Material:
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