N 7283 - Bi-Fold Door Repair Kit, Pivots, Brackets, Guide, Knob and Snugger, 1 set per package

N 7283 is a bi-fold door repair kit used on 2-door bi-fold door systems by many bi-fold door manufacturers. It includes enough parts to repair 1 set of bi-fold doors. It has 1 floor and jamb mounted pivot bracket, top and bottom pivots, 1 7/8 inch diameter roller guide, snugger, aligners and fasteners for a quick and easy installation.
  • Made of mixed materials of steel and plastic
  • Contains 1 complete set of pivot and guide hardware to repair a 2-door bi-fold system using these parts
  • Used by many bi-fold door manufacturers
  • Includes top and bottom pivots, 7/8 inch guide wheel, bottom pivot bracket, wood knob, snugger and aligners
  • Easy to install
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