P 7843 - Flat Screen Retainer Spline; 5/16" wide, Black, 100' per roll.


This item is a Flat Vinyl Screen Retainer Spline typically used for Patio Screen Rooms. The new spline is rolled into a "groove" for securing various types of screen fabric into the Screen Room framing. It measures .315" (5/16") in width. It is a top quality vinyl with a flat bottom and curved top edge. Color is Black. 100' per roll. Additional roll sizes and colors are available.

  • .315 inch (5/16) wide
  • Color is Black
  • Flat Screen Retainer Spline
  • Extruded Vinyl
  • UV Stabalized
  • Recommend using a Prime-Line P 8228 Flat Spline Rolling Tool
  • 100 feet per roll
  • Additional Sizes and Shapes Available
  • P 8228, P 8435
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