P 7884 - Professional Screen Rolling Tool, Wood Handle with Nylon Wheel, 1 per pkg.

This item is a Professional Grade Screen Rolling Tool with Wood Handle used primarily for installing Aluminum Screen Fabric into Window Screens and Screen Doors. Designed for "Production" useage, it is a specialized rolling tool with a 2" x 1/16" Convex White Nylon Roller and Ball-bearing hub. This tool is typically used to pre-roll Aluminum Screen Wire into the frame prior to installing the vinyl spline. One (1) per package.
  • Professional Grade Screen Rolling Tool, Hardwood Handle
  • Designed to pre-roll screen into the frame channel
  • High Density, Polyethylene Roller with Ball Bearing Hub
  • Heavy Duty
  • 2 inch x 1/16 Convex Wheel, White
  • Easy to use.
  • Made in USA
  • P 7880, P 7881, P 7883, P 7882, P 7885
Handle Type:
Roller A Edge Type:
Roller B Edge Type:
Spline Size Range:
Roller A Diameter:
Roller A Width:
Roller A Material:
Roller B Diameter:
Roller B Width:
Roller B Material:
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