P 7920 - Screen Frame Notching Tool for Installing Knife Latch. 1 ea.

This Window Screen Frame Notching Tool is designed to cut a "notch" or slit in roll-formed Aluminum Screen Frame. That "notch" then allows the use of Slide Locks, Tension Springs or Knife Latches that secure the finished screen into the window's frame. It is recommended to be used with Prime-Line Screen Frame Notching Jig P 7916.The jig holds the screen frames straight and secure when using the notching tool. 1 per package.
  • Screen Frame Notching Tool
  • Clean Notch for Installing various screen latches
  • Use alone or with P 7916 Notching Jig
  • P 7916, PL PL 14881, PL 16116, PL 7987
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