P 7921 - Window Screen Frame Hanger Nail Set for 7/16" Frame. 1 ea.

This Nail Set tool is designed for the easy installation of Top Screen Hangers. These are typically used with 7/16" Aluminum Window Screens that "hang" on the exterior of Wood Windows. Locate the "hanger" vertically to a top corner of a wood window frame, then use the Nail Set to "tap" the nail into the wood to secure the hanger. Repeat on the opposite side. Note that the Screen Hangers are NOT incuded with this tool. 1 ea. per package.
  • Jiffy Hanger Nail Set Tool
  • Zinc Plated Finish
  • Fits 7/16 inch wide top hangers
  • Professional Quality
  • PL 7760, PL 7846, PL 7847, PL 7849, PL 8101, PL 8102, PL 8103, PL 8104, PL 8105, PL 8106, PL 7761, PL 8122, PL 7845
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