P 7924 - Screen Table Jig Set, includes a set of 3/4 inch clips, 1 set per carton

The Screen Table Jig Set is designed to be used as a tool for securing Screen Frame while installing screen fabric. It has 5 Extruded Aluminum bars, 2 that are bolted to the table and 3 that are moveable. The kit includes 3/4" Screen Frame Clips. The clips attach to the Extruded Aluminum bars and slide into various positions to allow for the manufacture of most any size Window Screen. The sliding clips secure the screen frame firmly and squarely so that screen fabric can be precisely installed.
  • Screen Table Jig Set with Clips
  • 5 pieces of Extruded Aluminum bars. 96 inches, 58 inches, 42 inches, 30 inches and 28 inches.
  • Includes 3/4 inch clips
  • Extruded Aluminum
  • P 7932, P 7933, P 8101
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