P 8099 - Screen Table Carpet, 72 inch x 108 inch, Gray, 1 ea.

This item is Screen Table Top Carpeting for application onto a table that is used for fabricating Window Screens and/or Screen Doors. The carpet protects the screen frame material from scratches and provides a slip resistant surface for rolling the screen fabrics into the frames. The carpet is a tough indoor/outdoor felt material that can be easily cleaned with a hand held vacuum. Gray. 1 roll per package.
  • Screen Table Carpet
  • 72 inch x 108 inch
  • Used on a screen table to protect the screen frame from being scratched.
  • Color is Gray
  • Tough Indoor/Outdoor Felt
  • 1 roll per package
  • P 7924, P 8101-G, P 8060-G, P 8701-G, P 8700-G, P 8699-G, P 8698-G