P 8381 - Accu-Rule Measuring Stick Set, Set of 3, 1 set per pack

The Accu-Rule Measuring Stick Set includes the 3 most popular sizes of the Accu-Rule. The Accu-Rule is an adjustable measuring tool that allows for quick and accurate vertical and horizontal measurement of window and door openings. The tool features a locking knob that secures the two sliding pieces and allows for the measurement to be easily read. This set includes one (1) P 8066, one (1) P 8065 and one (1) P 8064. This set will allow measurements from 20 inches up to 122 inches.
  • Accu-Rule Measuring Stick Set
  • Measure from 20 inches up to 122 inches
  • Set of 3 Accu-Rule Measuring Sticks
  • Extruded Aluminum
  • Patent Pending
  • P 8067, P 8066, P 8065, P 8064, P 8124, P 8381