PL 14343 - Prime-Line 43x81 Ultimate I Aluminum Sliding Screen Door Kit, 1-3/4 inch, Satin

The Prime-Line 43 x 81 inch Ultimate I 1-3/4 inch Aluminum Sliding Screen Door KD Kit includes all the parts necessary for building a sliding screen door up to 43 x 81 inches. The kit includes one (1) each 43 inch Top and Bottom rails pre-slotted for the rollers, one (1) each 81 inch Latch Rail with Latch holes pre-punched and centered, and one (1) each 81 inch Trailing Rail with Bug Seal. The kit also includes four (4) each aluminum spur corners and the latch assembly. Satin Anodized
  • 1-3/4 inch wide Extruded Aluminum, .050 Thick Frame Square Cut at 43 x 81 inches
  • The door's frame rails need to be miter (angle) cut to size for an exact fit to your opening
  • Two (2) each 1 inch steel spring tension rollers at the top with two (2) each 1-1/4 steel rollers for the bottom
  • Internal Mortise Latch with Color Matched Inside and Outside Pull Assembly
  • Latch assembly includes the latch keeper and screws for mounting to door jamb
  • Extruded vinyl bug seal with flap and tear-off strips
  • Includes four (4) each extruded aluminum spur corners that provide tight, secure fit with minimal flexing
  • Kit does NOT include the screen fabric or spline. Order fabric and .200 spline separately.
  • Satin (Silver) Anodized Finish to insure the door looks good for years to come
  • Bronze and White Paint Finish also available
  • This door is also available pre-mitered to your exact dimensions
  • Always wear safety goggles when cutting metal frames
Frame Dimensions:
Max Door Width:
Max Door Height: