PL 15991 - Prime-Line 5/16 inch Lip frame, Roll Formed Aluminum, .025, Bronze, 94 inches long


Prime-Line 5/16 inch .025 Roll Formed Lip Frame is typically used on screen rooms or where there is not a channel for the screen to slide into. Prime-Line screen frames are designed with a slight bow (camber) that provides tension to the finished screen. This feature helps prevent wrinkles in the screen fabric. The screen frame accepts up to .185 vinyl spline and used metal corners. Bronze Paint, 94 inches long

  • 1 inch x 3/8 inch .025 roll formed screen frame with a 5/16 inch lip
  • Bronze Paint, 94 inches long
  • Additional colors and lengths are available
  • Spline channel measures .165 inches wide
  • Use .150 serrated vinyl spline with Fiberglass screen mesh
  • Use .140 serrated vinyl spline with aluminum screen mesh
  • Use stamped aluminum miter cut lip corners PL 14330
  • Best screen frame for making screens for patio enclosures
  • Lip frame is typically mounted using twist clips to secure the frames
  • Spline groove is on the inside portion of the frame
  • Easy to cut with a hacksaw
  • Always wear safety glasses when cutting metal material