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PL 7794 - Prime-Line 5/8 inch Window Screen Spreader Bar Clips, Mill Finish

These Make-2-Fit Spreader Bar Clips are constructed of stamped aluminum and come in a milled-aluminum finish. Each clip features a wide 5/8 inch grasp to fit over 5/8 inch aluminum screen frame spreader bars. Spreader bars are used to support and strengthen wide, oversized screen frames to prevent bowing-in of vertical screen frame material. These spreader bar clips are often used on screen frames larger than 36-inches x 48-inches in size. They are easy to install and used by many manufacturers. Use of spreader bars in wide screen frames helps to prevent wrinkles in the screen fabric, allowing the screen to sustain a smooth, taut fit.
  • 5/8 in. stamped aluminum, Mill finish
  • Used with 5/8 in. spreader bars on oversized screens
  • Secured in the center of an oversized screen by the screen spline
  • For further dimensional information, please see the line drawing

Specifications coming soon