S 4771 - SEGAL S 4771 Hinged Window Guard, 14-in. - 22-in. x 21, 4-Bar

This child fall window guard is constructed of 0.048 in. thick, plain carbon steel square tubing and comes in a black painted finish. These operable window guards are equipped with a quick-release feature for fast window guard removal in the event of an emergency which disengages with a distinct 3-step removal procedure that is designed to discourage toddlers from opening the guard (operable version only). These window guards should only be opened in case of an emergency, or if conducting a test on the release mechanism. The intended purpose of this type of hinged window guard is to assist in preventing children from accidental falls through open windows, while at the same time providing access through the window in the event of an emergency. These egress-compliant window guards (upon proper installation of each) are designed to be installed inside bedrooms and sleeping quarters, yet it is highly recommended that local building codes are verified to ensure the correct window guards are selected and installed for the safety of those inside. This window guard features a fully adjustable telescoping width (prior to mounting), and it comes complete with one-way, tamper-proof installation screws. This child fall window guard meets New York City and New Jersey’s housing codes, and it was approved by the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, HDWG #04-09-2010. For windows not requiring emergency access, Prime-Line Products also manufactures fixed versions of these window guards, like Prime-Line part S 4747.
  • Mounts inside the home, over face of window. Do not mount where operation of sash will be obstructed. Mount vertical bars over jamb, of casing, of jack or trimmer stud
  • Features narrow 3-7/8 in. bar spacing to prevent small children from accidental falls through open windows
  • Quick release feature for fast window guard removal in emergencies with distinct 3-step removal procedure to discourage toddlers
  • Provided with tamper resistant, one-way drive fasteners to keep window guard firmly attached
  • Meets New York City, New Jersey and Oregon Home Builders Association health and safety building codes
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