SP 9643 - Wood Screen Door Closer Spring, 15/32 inches in diameter, Pack of 1

SP 9643 is a closer spring for a wood screen door. It is 15/32 inches in diameter and 16-1/4 inches long. It is made from tempered spring wire, zinc plated finish with closed loops at each end, In addition, are 2 anchor hooks to attach it to the door and the jamb.
  • .065 Gauge Tempered Spring Wire
  • 15/32 inches in Diameter
  • 16-1/4 inches Long
  • Closed End Loops at each end
  • 2 Anchor Hooks Included
  • Black Finish
  • Max Safe Load in Pounds - 23.10
  • Max Deflection - 25.20
Wire Gauge:
End Type:
Max Deflection:
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