W018004 - WORKPRO W018004 Mini Razor Blade Scraper, Fixed Blade (Non-Retractable), Ergon (Single Pack)

Got some glass surfaces to clean up, or other hard finishes in need of scraping? These WORKPRO Razor Blade Mini Scrapers feature a fixed position that is reversible for safe storage. These versatile mini scrapers are essential for to have in your tool bag. Homeowners, Do-It-Yourselfers, and workers of various trades will find this scraper purposeful, with its optional plastic blade – useful on delicate surfaces. Compact and portable mini scrapers like these are an ideal tool for scraping in both easily accessible places and in hard-to-reach places. This scraper tool comes complete with an ergonomic handle to provide for a comfortable grip during short and long time use. The blade is a standard, single edge razor blade and it can also be used with plastic razor blades. Use it for scraping off paint splatters, adhesive residue, bird droppings, tint, caulking and silicone-based products, built up grime and more. If you are in need of a dependable scraper, purchase one of these today, and simplify your work tomorrow.
  • FIXED BLADE: Single, fixed position allows for fast and easy blade refill and use
  • SAFE STORING: Fully reversible blade to provide user with safe and convenient storage; includes a hole for hanging on a hook, string, cable or chain
  • MULTIPURPOSE USE: Mini Razor Blade Scrapers like these are often used on hard surfaces like glass, metal, countertops, tile and more, for removing paint, sealant products, stickers, window tint film, adhesives, bird droppings and more
  • FUNCTIONAL DESIGN FEATURES: These lightweight, Mini Razor Blade Scrapers are constructed of durable plastic housings and they are suitable for use in a variety of applications
  • OPTIONAL BLADE: Equipped with a standard single edge razor blade, but also fits lightweight and economical plastic razor blades to accommodate tool for light to heavy scraping
  • RESILIENT CONSTRUCTION: Tool housing constructed of durable plastic components and comes blue in color
  • LESS STRAIN and PAIN: User-friendly housing features a strain- and pain-free ergonomic handle to allow for comfortable use during short- and long-time use

Specifications coming soon